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Monthly Archives: October 2023

What is a Mala?

Mala is a spicy spice that originates from Sichuan Province, China, our Thai brethren. Anyone who thinks Chinese people don’t eat spicy food might want to think again. Because of the Sichuan people Is someone who can truly eat spicy food. It’s a deep spiciness. And it’s a new type

Benefits of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a type of fruit that are in the same family as eggplants. They have different colors, sizes, and characteristics according to each species. But the most popular menu variety to eat is the Sita tomato and cherry tomatoes.  Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Which may

Black sesame with precautions worth knowing before eating.

Black sesame is considered one of the popular grains mixed in food and many types of drinks. And it is often the first choice of people who are taking care of their health. Because it is considered a superfood that is packed with nutrients that are beneficial to the

What are the benefits of plant-based protein?

Plant- based protein is a trend in healthy food. It’s been going strong for a while now. And now it has moved to the point where there is Plant based meat, meat from plants to choose from.           Focusing on eating protein from plants or plant-based protein foods has