10 ways to relieve a cough as quickly as possible

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10 ways to relieve a cough as quickly as possible.

Colds, asthma, dry throat, respiratory infections, acid reflux , allergies, smoking, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis. to side effects from certain drugs These are the reasons why we have a cough, whether it be a dry cough, a cough with ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app mucus or a chronic cough. But no matter what kind of cough It can be a nuisance to us all day and all night. Sometimes I cough until my face is black and red. Plus,

 10 ways to relieve a cough as quickly as possible

  1. Drink more water
    Easy to start with drinking more water each day Anyone who has mucus in their throat Water will help dissolve less mucus. For those who have a dry cough Water will help moisturize your throat. Reducing irritation within the throat as well.
  2. Drink warm water
    If you choose to drink more water then You should choose to drink warm water instead of cold water. Because warm water helps dissolve phlegm. and moisturizes the throat better than cold water You can also choose to drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon during the day as well.
  3. Take a warm shower
    It’s warm inside. It also has to be warm outside. Taking a warm shower will also help reduce mucus. It is also good for the body of people who have colds. and allergies as well
  4. Take cough medicine
    Don’t think that a cough will go away easily on its own. If you have a cough and are bent over Coughing until the neighbor next to you is annoyed, you should find cough medicine to swallow quickly. Because cough medicine contains ingredients that will help reduce irritation in the throat.
  5. Use an air humidifier
    Which house uses air conditioning to sleep? At night the air can be dry and make your cough worse. Even though the weather in our country is already quite hot and humid. But for patients who already have throat irritation, the cold, dry air will make the cough worse. And may also have a stuffy nose. Therefore, if using a humidifier in the bedroom It will help relieve throat irritation.

    Note: Humidifiers It is a machine that is plugged in and steam comes out. Can increase the humidity in the air in the room. (Some hospitals have humidifiers in patient rooms.) It can scented or not scented, it’s up to the person who likes it. But if you choose a scent that helps you sleep well, such as the scent of chamomile flowers. lavender scent It will help us sleep easily. You can rest fully as well.
  6. Stop smoking
    Anyone who smokes should absolutely refrain from smoking during a coughing period. Because smoking will irritate your throat even more. It can also cause more mucus. (But I would like to suggest that it would be better to quit smoking altogether. Because smoking is the cause of bronchiectasis. and many other dangerous diseases)

    if you are not a smoker You should stay far away from people who smoke. or a group of people who smoke as well
  7. Avoid using perfumes and sprays.
    Perfume components and various sprays (Including air freshener sprays) can irritate the nasal cavity. and may be the cause of increased mucus. or chronic cough
  8. Avoid dust and various fumes.
    In addition to perfume and spray The surrounding air is dry. From the air conditioner in the office Dust and smoke from car exhaust pipes smoke from cooking These air pollutants can cause irritation in the nasal passages and throat. Therefore, while coughing You should also wear a face mask to protect yourself from these air pollutants.
  9. Get more rest.
    Most of the time, a cough that gets worse or doesn’t heal slowly is because the body hasn’t had time to repair itself. Because we use our bodies too hard and get little rest. Therefore, if you know you are sick and have a really bad cough, you should go to bed early in the day before the weather is still too cold. and get enough rest
  10. See a doctor
    The last way to get It means seeing a doctor and knowing how to survive. Because of the cough that we have had for a long time I did everything and it didn’t go away. It may not be a normal cough. The cough may be just the initial symptom. It can be a warning sign of other dangerous illnesses, so medical attention is necessary for anyone whose cough doesn’t get better within 1-2 weeks.