6 serious diseases that people if they “drink less water”

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6 serious diseases that people ask about if they “drink less water

Dangers that arise from the habit of drinking little water that many people never realize. If you are one of those people who hardly get up from your chair. A glass of water is poured full of water but can last all day. Or are you so busy that you can’t just sit still? Running in and out of the conference room Drink water only during lunch. Let me tell you that your body is “dehydrated” without you realizing it. And it has serious negative effects on your health without you knowing it as well.

Diseases that people ask about if they “drink less water”

  1. Alzheimer’s disease:

    Who would believe that just drinking a little water? It is at risk of developing dementia. Because when our body is dehydrated There is not enough water in the body to be part of the blood pumped throughout the body. When the blood becomes more viscous This makes the heart unable to pump enough blood to the brain. Therefore, it can be the cause of dementia symptoms. Therefore, if you feel unrefreshed, sluggish, think slowly, not energetic, dizzy, it may be the result of just “Drinking too little water” is fine.
  2. Hemorrhoids

    most definitely occur if the body doesn’t get enough water. As a result, digestion in the stomach is more difficult. and dry intestines It may cause us to be unable to expel feces. Because the stool may be too dry. When waste accumulates in the intestines โปรโมชั่น ufabet The intestines will absorb the waste back into the body. The more it makes the blood contain waste products. and thicker than before The stool is harder and drier than before. Until it causes constipation and ultimately ended up with hemorrhoids.
  3. Joint pain.

    Believe it or not, cartilage in many body parts Including the cervical pillow which is an important part and easily causes abnormal symptoms Contains up to 80% water, so if your joints or discs are dry not moisturized enough May cause various joints Not absorbing shock well enough to the point of easily causing injury Or it can easily become inflamed when you have to exert effort when walking, lifting, swinging, or even when exercising and lifting weights.
  4. Urinary tract infection/cystitis

    If you have pain urinating But no urine came out. Or just a drop or two flowed out. You may be suffering from a urinary tract infection. or cystitis This is due to not drinking enough water, infection, and holding in urine for a long time.
  5. Fat

    Believe it or not, if you drink less water. It is a cause that may lead to obesity. Because if you drink enough water in the morning Between lunch and evening or you may drink 1 glass of water before eating. You will find that you feel full more easily and faster than if you ate without drinking any water. Especially if you are already a picky eater. And then I don’t drink any more water. with hunger or appetite You may easily eat until you gain weight.
  6. Menstruation is irregular.

    A woman’s menstrual period is another indicator of her health. If you find that you have irregular periods, too spotty, too watery, too dark in colour. It’s a blood clot. or even severe menstrual cramps An important reason that you may be neglecting may be from drinking little water. Because when there is not enough water in the body The body is therefore unable to use water to create menstruation

3 signs that people drink less water

Not sure if you are a person who drinks little water or not? To be observed from

  1. Urinating less than 4-7 times per day
  2. Urine is almost always dark yellow.
  3. Urine has a strong odor. 

Just  drinking a little water  can have a lot of negative effects on your body. This doesn’t include the negative effects of sagging, dull, dry skin, dry eyes, and looking older than your age. Girls, when you hear this, you’ll probably scream.

Therefore, if anyone has symptoms following the signs of people drinking less water, You should drink more water, around 1,500-2,000 milliliters per day, or 6-8 glasses per day. Or if you’re afraid you’ll forget, put a liter bottle on the table and remind yourself that you have to drink it all. Work and sip. The meeting room also carried a glass of water. I guarantee that if you can do this. Your body will never dehydrate again.