What is a toner? Is it necessary? How to choose the right one for your skin?

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What is a toner? Is it necessary? How to choose the right one for your skin?

Choosing after cleansing the face It is considered important in skin care. Using will help keep our skin moisturized and will also help remove makeup residue that may be left behind after washing your face for a step more clean. In this article, we will recommend choosing the right for your face. The correct steps for using or smooth, clear, acne-free skin.

What is a toner?

Toner is a skincare product used to take care ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app of the facial skin after washing the face to adjust the condition of the facial skin to make it more balanced. Tighten pores and remove dead skin cells or cosmetic residue remaining on the surface of the face. It also helps add moisture to the skin. Including preparing the skin to be ready for using skin care products in the next step.

What properties does toner have?

Toner has properties that help remove dirt on the face. Like residual cosmetic stains dust in the air Smoke from exhaust pipes and various pollutants are the causes of acne. With the properties of toner, it helps cleanse dirt and make the skin moisturized and radiant, controlling oil on the face and reducing the chance of acne.

How many types are there?


Skin exfoliating There will be main ingredients like AHA and BHA to help exfoliate old skin cells. Helps make the skin smooth. And reduces dark spots, skin looks radiant, combined with Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 helps improve skin condition. Helps control oiliness Tighten pore size Add moisture to the skin, etc.


Adds water to the skin. It has many ingredients Hyaluronic Acid. A natural substance in the body. That helps increase moisture within the skin. Vitamin B5 helps increase the elasticity of the skin. Combined with Glycerin, it helps keep the skin youthful, slowing down premature aging. should

Healing/pH Balancing

Toner protects and balances the skin. There are tons of Panthenol, amino acid, and Oatmeal ingredients. This type has the ability. To maintain the pH level of the skin. That is damage the weather, dust, And chemicals in cosmetics. to have balance. Which is suitable for people with sensitive skin.