Eddie Howe admits Isak is not fit enough to play full game.

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Newcastle boss Eddie Howe has confirmed that. Club-record striker Alexander Isak still lacks the fitness to play the full 90 minutes at this time football.

The Swedish-born striker has struggled to find consistent form since he joined the Saudi-funded club in August for £63m.

So far, the 23-year-old has only made eight appearances in the Premier League. Of which only three have been on the field full-time.

Isak had to miss a crucial time between September and January. Due to a hamstring injury from serving the Swedish national team UFABET

When asked if Isak has a chance to be in the starting line-up against Wolves at the weekend. Howe admitted the striker is yet to play a full game.

“Isaac wants to play like every player, I’m sure.” Eddie Howe said.

“I don’t spend a lot of time talking about his fitness after a serious injury. Confidence has to be built.”

“Is he 100 per cent ready to play 90 minutes consistently? Maybe not. But he’ll get there. We will take him to that level.”

The news is not a good result for Newcastle, who are beginning to have problems with goalscoring.

They only managed to win 3 out of their last 9 games. And found themselves overtaken by Liverpool and dropped to 6th place in the table.