Inzaghi tells the board he doesn’t want to lose any players.

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi has revealed that. He has informed the club’s board that. He does not want to lose any of his current squad heading into the 2024/2024 season. 25

    The “Big Snake” won the Serie A title this season, including the Super Coppa Italia, but in cups like the Coppa Italia and the UEFA Champions League, they only stopped at the stop. Round of 16 teams only UFABET 

    Despite having Piotr Zielinski and Mehdi Taremi join the team on a free transfer, Inzaghi revealed that he has told the board that he does not want to lose the players he already has in Team C. Let’s get out of here.

    “We are discussing this matter within the club and everyone deserves credit for the work behind the scenes to get these two players,” Inzaghi told DAZN. “We’ll see. You start the summer with a certain goal and then the transfer market is unpredictable.

    “Looking at all the games we have to play and how long the season has been. We need a larger team. Luckily, we work with a team of fitness staff and have experienced quite a few injuries this season. Rest is also very important. Especially with the players returning from Euro 2024 and Copa America.”

    “I have told the club that I want to go into next season with the players we have this season. Not wanting to lose even one person, Arnautovic and Sanchez did not play as much as the other forwards. But they always play a role when they are sent on the field.”

    “I have been in football for a long time. So I know better what my needs are. Things can change. But I told the club I wanted to keep all the players.”