Supercoppa explains yellow card rules, bans

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Lega Serie A and the Italian Football Federation Confirmed rules for yellow cards and bans. In the Supercoppa Italiana game, the format was change for the first time.

The Supercoppa Italiana 2023 is about to kick off in Saudi Arabia. Between 18-22 January, with a change in the playing format from the original 2 Serie A and Coppa Italia champion teams. Compete in 4 teams, adding runners-up in both programs as well ทางเข้า UFABET 

Details of yellow cards and bans. If a player receives a yellow card in a game in Week 20. The suspension will carry over to the next Serie A game. It does not affect the Supercoppa Italiana game. For example, Inter Milan’s Hakan Chalanolu and Lazio’s Mattia Zachanyi.

Meanwhile, for the players who are expect to receive a yellow card penalty. If the name was add from the Super Coppa Italiana game semi-finals. Will result in being banned from the next Serie A game. Not the finals.

 Therefore, the only way is to be ban for the final round. That means having to get a red card in the semi-finals.

For the first semi-final schedule, Napoli, the Serie A champion, meets Fiorentina, the Coppa Italia runner-up on January 18. Followed by Inter Milan, the Coppa Italia champion, meeting Lazio, Serie A runners-up, on January 19. With the winning team advancing to the final on January 22.