What are the benefits of plant-based protein?

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Plant- based protein is a trend in healthy food. It’s been going strong for a while now. And now it has moved to the point where there is Plant based meat, meat from plants to choose from.

          Focusing on eating protein from plants or plant-based protein foods has the following benefits for us:

    • Rich in nutritional value such as protein, minerals, vitamins and many amino acids necessary for the body. Including fiber and antioxidants UFABET

    • Easy to digest, helps balance the digestive system. Because foods in the Plant based group are often rich in various types of fiber.
    • Good skin because of various vitamins, including antioxidants. It will help take care of skin cells to be healthier.

    • Helps to lose weight. Because most plant-based foods are lower in fat and calories than meat.
    • Reduce the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Because studies have found that Protein from red meat Especially processed red meat. It contributes to an increased chance of heart disease and stroke. In addition, eating red meat increases the risk of diabetes by 32 percent.
    • Helps reduce global warming. This is because the plant-based food industry uses fewer resources than the meat-based food industry. and emits less greenhouse gases as well.
    • Receive merit from refraining from killing animals and cutting off the lives of various animals.